Our Services

Drill and Blast


Our consultancy is built around our passion for drill and blast.  We have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure superior outcomes for our clients in safety and productivity.  Operational reviews and audits enable us to identify improvement opportunities for our clients' operations.

Explosive Management


Mineovation has many years' direct experience in the explosives industry, both from a customer and a supplier point of view.  This means we understand best practice for explosives supply agreements and explosives contract management and can help our clients achieve their desired outcomes.  We can also develop and execute explosives risk and safety strategies for our clients' operations.

Hardrock Mining


We have significant experience in sub -level caving and block caving as well as narrow and large open stope mining.  In addition to our underground mining knowhow, we have substantial open cut operational capability.  Dilution control, stope stability, wall control, fragmentation optimisation and vibration control are just some of the areas where we can add value.

Course and Coaching


In the mining and explosives industries training is critical.  At Mineovation we have the capability to provide tailored training courses for engineers and operators.  We cover topics such as explosives product types and selections, drill and blast optimisation, underground and surface hard rock mining.  We are strong believers in proving graduates and young engineers in our industry with access to experienced senior mining professionals - this can be delivered through our mentoring and coaching programs.

Special Projects


Another of our strengths lies in our ability to manage and assist with complex special projects across all aspects of the mining supply chain.  Some examples of projects include:

  • development optimisation projects
  • major open cut to underground transition blasts; and
  • project management of VIU and TCO programs